Format: 5 X 1’30 –  2’ min
HD / Colour


Production: DFL / City of Geneva
Management & Direction: Julien Roby & Nicolas Wagnières
Cinematography: Blaise Villars
Sound: Adrien Kessler
Editing: Sandrane Ducimetière
Soundmix: Charles Menger
Color correction & Mastering: Damien Molineaux


C-Side Productions thank all members of the associations, who exposed their programs to us during the writing process and which have not been selected for this series of short films.

Socio-professional integration

C-Side was asked by the Unemployment Fund of the City of Geneva to make 5 shortfilms that portray beneficiaries of social and vocational integration programs.


Clic on one of the images below to see one of the films (the different images will take you to the corresponding film).




Each year, the Fund supports approximately thirty associations and projects. We have selected five of these to reflect the diversity of individuals and fields of activity, as well as personalized follow-up with the aim of getting employed. The form of testimony prevailed to share these experiences, the films are online on the City of Geneva’s website.