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Anything missing? In order to complete our offer and help you with your shoot, we collaborate with partners to provide all the equipment you might require. Please contact us to communicate your wishes.


Our prices are mentionned without VAT and discounts are applied as of the 2nd day. To pick-up and return equipment a rendez-vous has to be set.


We also offer all the technical advice and skills you might: direction of photography or camera assistants (Cinematography), as well as the technical management of your production through postproduction in SD, HD, 2K or 4K, with mastering, (cf Color grading and DCP).


Along with its name change, as of May 2023, Face-C has become a service oriented company. Our equipment is geared towards catering to the types of projects our team works on. We have slowly assembled a specialized pool of camera equipment, including a wide choice of lenses and accessories. See our online rental catalogue.



We pioneered the digital cinema era in 2006 when we put down a deposit for one of the very first Red One cameras in Switzerland, #500, nicknammed “Stalker”, which we took delivery of in February 2008. It has since been retired. C-Side’s still has one active Red canera, a Scarlet-X. Among our choice of accessories, tripods, folow focuses, monitors, etc. we’ve specialized in vintage lenses including offering from Zeiss, Cooke, Angenieux, Duclos, Canon and CONTAX.



In march 2014, we received one of the first Digital Bolex D16 in Europe, #49. The specifications of this camera include a Super16 2K sensor, with the option to shoot full HD (1920×1080) using a slightly reduced portion of the sensor, which matches the size of a 16mm film frame. It has a CCD sensor, whereas except the Ikonoscope, all the other digital film cameras on the market use CMOS. The advantages of CCD are a “global shutter” avoiding the unwanting side effects of “rolling shutter” inherent to CMOS sensors; the photosites are closer to each other, limiting moiré effects and CCD sensors have a superior color rendition, particulary when it comes to skin tones.
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We also have HD and 4K video cameras, including: 2 Sony PXW-FS5 (4K & HD) cameras recording XAVC, 1 Sony EX1R (multi-format HD).