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Compagnie l’Alakran

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We can take care of all stages necessary to the creation and production of your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray* : from the graphic design of the support and interfaces, the authoring (content and browser architecture), file compression, subtitling, DVD printing by dye-sublimation and duplication for small and mid-sized series (1 to 250 copies) ; or factory-pressed for larger productions (starting from 300 copies). We offer solutions that are adapted to your specific requirements and needs, regardless of the nature of your project (creative or institutional film, compilation of short films, commercial DVD, video recording of plays or other events).



– Fixed or interactive menus, with or without sound
– Chapter division
– Subtitling based on the STL or STP file
– Scripting or programming for more complex interacrtions (different languages and menus)
– Customised buttons
– Slide show
– Multi-angle management
– Compression into DVD optimized mpeg-2 from SD, HD, PAL or NTSC video sources
– Standards conversion from/to PAL/NTSC
– Encoding of your uncompressed audio sources (aiff, wave) into Dolby Digital or 5.1-compatible format
– Support of your graphic files (psd, tif, jpg, ai, etc.)




– CD, DVD up to 250 copies (from 300 copies, or for double-layer DVDs, we overseee the process for factory-pressed duplication).
– The medium is printed with a dye-sublimation technique, providing a high-quality finish that will resist the test of time
– Printing of the sleeve (digital or as offset for higher quality).
– CD/DVD/BDR boxes: standard models or other options upon request.


In order to streamline your projects, we provide technical information relating to the creation of your CDs/DVDs and DVD sleeves (download .pdf documents for reference). Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or further information; for more complex projects, we are happy to organise a meeting to discuss your specific requirements.
Upon validation of the template, it takes approximately 1 to 2 days to create 100 to 150 copies. The deadline varies depending on machine availability and according to content and the choice of packaging. The graphic work and the DVD browsing options are also established on the basis of your needs. If you’re bound by specific deadlines, please don’t forget to inform us of these when placing the order so that we can establish a delivery schedule.



We apply a volume discount for CD/DVD copying for every increment of 50 items (download .pdf documents for reference). You may also request a detailed quote by specifying the work you would like done (authoring and/or copying, graphic design provided or to be developed, production quantities, packaging, delivered material, format, length, content, etc.). Depending on production quantities (more than 500 copies or double-layer DVD), we offer pressing solutions through our partnership with AV World, KDG representative in Europe.



We have a lot of software and hardware solutions that we can implement to suit your project, be it for conversions (up/down/cross/standard) of files, processing and optimising the video signal, compression, menu creation (fixed or animated), subtitling, or for copying and printing purposes.


We can author (limited options) and duplicate (up to 50 copies) Blu-Ray Discs.