LE PROTOKOLL, premiere on October 26-27, 2022 !

Premiere of the documentary LE PROTOKOLL (The Hidden Story of the Second Pillar), directd by Claudio Tonetti & Pietro Boschetti, and produced by Intermezzo Films, on October 26 and 27 on the three national TV channels: RTS1, SRF1, RSI LA1. Edited by Pierre Schlesser and color graded by Damien Molineaux @ C-Side.
LE PROTOKOLL recalls the history of our (Switzerland’s) pension system, conceived by and for the life insurance companies.  Well before the creation of the AVS (Assurance Vieillesse et Survivant: Old Age and Survivor Insurance) in 1947, the life-insurance companies had already understood the huge commercial potential of the private pension system. They got together and conceived the the three pillar system, which was massively accepted in a pubic vote in 1972. It is a formidable example of political lobbyisme. This has allowed them to conceive a second pillar to their private interests. Which we are today paying the consequences for.
SRF 1,Thursday October 27th at 20h05
RSI, Thursday October 27th at 22h55