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Infos (Wikipedia) about digital cinema.

Infos (Wikipedia) about DCP standard.


Le Nez dans le Ruisseau, CTF Net SA & Taxi Films Genève, Juillet 2012

Văng bóng – The Absence of Shadows, Manic Cinema, avril 2012

The Dark Side of the Sun, Citrullo International, avril 2012

A Home Far Away, Show and Tell Films, avril 2012

Comme des lions de pierre à l’entrée de la nuit, Prince Films, avril 2012

He was a Giant with Brown Eyes, 5TOFIVE, avril 2012

Retour sur Terre, C-Side Productions, nov. 2011

MangroveLes Productions du Tigre, juin 2011

YanoosakTaxi Films Genève, avril 2011

Taxi  ServiceTaxi Films Genève, avril 2011

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Wether you did your post-production with us or not, we can create your DCP for movie theater projection.

2018 prices

So as to bill you more precisely for the creation of your DCPs considering the evolution of digital tools, we have lowered our prices and created 4 rates according to the length of your film.

– feature length | 1h or more, 1’000.-

– medium format | from 30 to 59 min, 800.-

– short film | from 10 to 29 min, 600.-

– very short film | under 10 min, 400.-



These prices include the creation and a test screening in a cinema. Disk capacities and models changing continuously, plese contact us at the time of making your copy for an up-to-date price. We offer different solutions, for maxium data safety we presently offer putting your DCPs on SSD disk in a shock and splash proof case which plugs in USB3 for CHF between 70.- and 100.- depending on the size.



– 1st subtitle 70.-
– additionnal subtitles, 30.-


Additionnal copies

– 1h or more, 120.-

– from 30 to 59 min, 110.-

– from 10 to 29 min, 100.-

– under 10 min, 90.-


All prices are in Swiss Francs before taxes and for 2K DCPs, plase contact us for 4K DCPs.



The “Digital Cinema Package” is a digital projection format that has replaced 35mm film in cinemas. It’s a group of digital files including a stream of images and one or several audio and subtitling data streams. These files are compiled and stored on a hard drive, and require a D-Cinema compatible projector and server in order to read the DCP format. 2012 was a transitional year for all Swiss cinemas as they changed over to this technology; all new films are now only available in digital format. The quality they offer is at least equivalent to that of 35mm film. Furthermore, the DCP format ensures that quality and compatibility remain constant from one theatre to the next.


Another argument in favour of the DCP format is that it’s a lot cheaper to produce than 35mm film, and that copies are easily transportable on small pocket-sized hard drives that only weigh a couple of grams, unlike their fragile and cumbersome 35mm film counterparts.


Your DCP can be encoded (or not) to avoid fraudulent copies from being made. In order to read the content, a digital key (code) unique to the server must be sent to the cinema and installed on the server, authorising the file to be read, and offering features such as projection logging, and defining start and end dates of authorised projections.