Based in Geneva since 2001, C-Side Productions SA has separated its activiteis into two distinct entities. C-Side Productions sàrl is a company with an audio-visual production department (cinema and television films, installations, new media projects), while Face-C SA is service oriented specialised in, post-production, but we also provide filming and equipment rental with state-of-the-art technologies.
We can work with you from the very start of your project and accompany you through the multiple viewing and distribution options that are nowadays available.
Our skills stem from the work we did on our own projects and through many past collaborations where we provided services relating to content, or to presentation.

We also offer internships and specific training courses on production and postproduction tools.



Face-C SA
Damien Molineaux
+41 (0) 22 800 38 93
dmolineaux (at) c-sideprod.ch


C-Side Productions sàrl
Benjamin Poumey
+41 (0) 22 800 38 90
bpoumey (at) c-sideprod.ch






As of May 17th 2023, C-Side Productions SA has changed name and become Face-C SA. The Production department has become a separate entity under the name “C-Side Productions sàrl”, while all our other services, with a focus on Post-Production, will continue under the name Fac-C SA.

C-Side Productions sàrl’s areas of activities relate to creative documentaries and new media applications. Our editorial line favours projects that cast a particular light on the challenges facing modern society. 
With this approach, we’re able to develop “image objects” that have a place on all types of audiovisual media and platforms.
Our portfolio includes feature films and short movies that are shown at festivals, in theatres and/or on TV, online transmedia projects that can be viewed on smartphones or tablets, as well as video performances and installations displayed in various modern art centres around Switzerland and abroad, with no distinction of “genre”.
These are the types of projects we’re currently working on. Please feel free to submit your own project ideas if you think they might correspond to our line of work.