Nicolas Wagnières



Nicolas Wagnières was a producer and an independent dj during the 90s. He then studied filmmaking in the Art school of Geneva, where he graduated in 2005. After four years working if various institutions (assistant in the art school, research assistant in the Filmmaking Master network – for the project Walking the edit), he worked on projects involving dance and video with choregraphers in Geneva (Foofwa d’Imobilité, Noemi Lapzeson) and within the association ‘Juste au Corps’. He worked on a collaborative TV series project, he wrote and directed Hôtel Jugoslavia is his first documentary feature, as is currently working on a new documentary project.


En quête: court / 16mm / 2002
Le bord de la table: court / dv / 2003
La vie du poisson mort: court / dv / 2003
Tranzit: court / s16mm / 2005
Hotel jugoslavija 1.0: court / s16mm / 2008
Maximax, Iug Godog: Vidéo danse / dv / 2009