Written and directed by Nicolas Wagnières


 Production : Benjamin Poumey


 Cinematography : Denis Jutzeler, Benoît  Peverelli


 Sound : Masaki Hatsui


 Sound editing : Eleonora Polatto


 Sound mixing : Martin Stricker


 Editing : Damián Plandolit


 Music : Filippo Gonteri


 Shooting format : 5K / 16mm

 Screening format  : DCP 2K / HD File

 Sound : 5.1 / 2.0


 Contact : Benjamin Poumey

 +41 22 800 38 93 / bpoumey@c-sideprod.ch 


Feature documentary by Nicolas Wagnières



Theatres : Switzerland, Germany, Macedonia, Albania.

TV : RTS Switzerland, RTS Serbia.

VOD/SVOD :Vimeo (CH), DocAlliance, Cinesquare, Amazon Prime Video (UK), Amazon Prime Video (DE).



Sao Paulo Mostra Internacional de Cinema 2017 – New Directors Competition

Berlinale 2018 – Panorama Dokumente

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2018 – International Competition

Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2018 – International Competition

Beldocs 2018 – Special Screenings

Subversive Films Festival 2018 – Wild Dreamer Award 

Polyloid Film Festival 2018

History Film Festival 2018 – International Competition

Architecture Film Festival 2018

PerSo Perugia International Social Film Festival 2018 – International Competition

Film Fest Gent 2018 – Global Cinema

Budapest Architecture Film Days 2019

One World Romania 2019 – After the revolutions Programme

Contemporary Swiss Film Showcase 2019



Erected in Belgrade in 1969, the Hotel Jugoslavija was a mythical place. It was the biggest hotel of the Balkans, both a symbol and a witness to the different moments that shaped the country : From Tito’s Yugoslavia to Milosevic’s Serbia ; from Socialism to corrupted economic liberalism.

Today, it is still haunting Belgrade landscape, as a reflection of a Serbian society in search of new points of reference.

By exploring the building’s various spaces and eras, by collecting the memories of those who used to inhabit it, the director – of Yugoslavian origin by his mother but born and raised in Switzerland – creates a singular space-time where surface a collective unconscious as well as a part of his own identity.


With support from l’Office Fédéral de la Culture (DFI), Cineforom et la Loterie Romande, RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse,  Suissimage, PTC – Radio Television Serbe, La Ville de Genève – Département de la Culture, Canton et République de Genève, la bourse “Brouillon d’un rêve” du SCAM.  



HOTEL JUGOSLAVIJA TRAILER English subtitles from C-Side Productions on Vimeo.