Author : Pablo Briones with The Moving Picture Boys


Image : Jace Freeman


Sound : Sean Clark


Producer : Benjamin Poumey 


Co-producers : Jace Freeman, Sean Clark / Liliana Diaz Castillo, Estephania Bonnett Alonso


Shooting Format : 2K


Screening Format : DCP 


Sound : 5.1 / 2.0


Contact : Benjamin Poumey

+41 22 800 38 93 / 


In Production. A film by Pablo Briones & The Moving Picture Boys

In co-production with Black Factory Cinema (Colombia) & The Moving Picture Boys (USA)



BARACOA tells the story of Leonel (9) and Antuán (13), two young boys living in Pueblo Textil, a tiny village in the Cuban countryside.


Hot summer has come and the two friend are about to spend the holidays by themselves. Between exploring and playing, they overcome boredom the best they can. As they come up with a plan to go to BARACOA beach on their own, Antuán announces he’s going to move to Havana with his father.


The two boys have been friends for their entire lives, but this summer might be the last they ever spend together.


While Cuba is going through a historical and transitional period, Leonel and Antuán also come to a crossroads that will make them reconsider how they see the world and their future.