Format: 13 min
HD / Couleur


Production: DIP, Département de la culture & du sport / Ville de Genève
Conception: Florence Cantin, Damien Christe,
Service de la scolarité de l’enseignement secondaires II
Management & Direction: Damien Molineaux
Image & color correction: Damien Molineaux
2nd camera: Pierre Muller
Sound recording: Gabriel Scotti
Editing: Sandrane Ducimetière
Music: Studio Tortion
Soundmix: Charles Menger

Vocational Training


At the request of the Geneva DIP (Dept of Public Education) and in collaboration with the School and Media Office, C-Side made a film for the OFPC (Office for the orientation, vocational and in-house training. This 13 minute film is constituted on the one hand of testimonies of student currently in training, explaining why and how they came to follow the program they are currently enrolled in; and on the other hand of images of some of the same students in action during their training.