This shortfilm was an experience. The director (and DOP) has been working with two actors overnight, in order to try the possibilities of the new Digital Bolex D16 with darkness and low exposures.


The result has pleased the Bolex staff that screens the film on his website, and should also convince you to work with this camera to discover new horizons for the photography of your film.


Production: C-Side Productions / Blaise Villars
Julia Batinova et Robert Szuplewski
Direction, image, editing: Blaise Villars
Editing assistant: Sandrane Ducimetière
Colour-grading: Blaise Villars


See article about the shooting of the film (in French).

Sleeping With The Enemy

A shortfilm by Blaise Villars
Switzerland 2014, 6’



Nothing is more beautiful than love, yet nothing hurts more than love either. Between tears and kisses, a man and a woman love each others.


«The idea of this film comes from a place. The tunnel where Robert and I met to wait for Julia. I had another place in mind too: the sequence with the mirors. I wanted to shoot something overthere since a very long time, so I jumped on the opportunity to do so.» B.V.