This film is the result of an experimental artistic effort both for the creation of the image (animating a vegetal bas-relief) and for its technical aspect in digital and analogical forms. Shot in very high definition (one must imagine something higher than the Empire State Building), this film has been colour-graded in 4K before being transfered onto 35mm film and DCP.


35mm coulor / VO English / 4 min.

Digital format: DCP vost FR-DE-IT-EN
Directed by: Julien Roby & Pius Zoll

Voice: Virginie Hoog
Colour-grading: Damien Molineaux
, C-Side
Sound mix: Martin Stricker, Le bruit qui court


Pius Zoll / Earthling productions
Contact: pius (at)
Produced with the support of: 
République et Canton de Genève; Fonds Régio Films; C-Side Productions; Studio Le bruit qui court; HEAD Genève

Julien Roby / Earthling productions
Contact: julien (at)


Lady Be Gone

Short animated film by Julien Roby and Pius Zoll
Switzerland, 2010. 4’


FILM: password (enter below): 2die4you

Featuring the voice of Virginie Hoog, a brunette or a fake blonde, this film is in the tradition of vanity portraits.


«The blonde with the fleshy lips is uncovered totally while singing the song which seems to fit her like a glove, or rather, to peel her away! Like all of her type, she could not escape from vanity.» Lady Be Gone is an animated musical film that should elicit a sadly compassionate chuckle from all viewers witnessing the dissolution of the master portrait.