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35mm couleur & NB / 12 minutes


Directed by: Julien Roby
Scenario: Rémi Courrier, Daniel Pinkas, J. Roby

Interpretation: Pius Zoll, Emmanuel Deonna, Virginie Hoog, Diane Raillard, Milena Roby, Jennifer Verraes
Figuration and bureaucratic buzz: Delphine Alphonse, Christophe Balleys, Daniel Browne, Torsten Bruch, Céline Carridroit, Raphaël Cuomo, Claude Debonnet, Teboho Joscha Edkins, Michela Franzoso, Fritz und Ludo, Chloé Gindre, Benjamin Goulon, Laura Gozlan, Mathilde Hédoire, Marie Hendriks, Hélène Iratchet, Katrin Kettenacker, Camille Laufer, Jee Youn Lim, ZhenChen Liu, Dimitri Makhomet, Alejandro Moncada, Shalimar Preuss, Signora Pupa, Lou Roby, Guillaume Segur, Daan Spruijt, Oleg Tcherny, Dorothée Trepeush, Emmanuel Vantillard, Hélène Vandenberghe, Jeremy Verraes, Wouan & Mathilde.

A Little Musical Day

A film by Julien Roby, France, 2006
freely inspired by «Une journée d’ivresse» by Benjamin Fondane


Excerpt from the film


SUMMARY: Mister Jean Clément has just been hired by a global services company. As a welcoming gesture, his boss walks him to his office, but without realizing (without even understanding what Jean Clément tells him) that the man he has just hired is absolutely not the computer programmer which the little chief seems to insist on believing he is. As soon as the true musician which is the true occupation of Mister Jean Clément, steps into the world of his company and sets out on the maintenance of the computers, what else but a generalized catastrophe is bound to happen? A catastrophe indeed, but a musical one!