This film was shot during the first Kino kabaret of Geneva, where most artists involved in this project met. The postproduction (colour-grading) was carried by C-Side Productions.

Tragicomic rösti-western
color/2.35 / 12 min./vo French
/vost DE-EN


Production: KinoGeneva
Roby rock’n’ Zoll
Distribution: jroby (at) c-sideprod.ch
Written & directed by: Julien Roby & Pius Zoll
With: Charles Hieronymi, Matthias-Leonhard Lang, Mathias Glayre, Piera Bellato, Anna Lemonaki, Anne-Lise Fritsch, Ekoyan Gbenye
Director of cinematography: Blaise Villars
Cam assistant & electrician: Aida Hussein
Sound recorder: Viva Sanchez
Editing: Julien Roby & Pius Zoll
Colour-grading: Blaise Villars
Music & sound edit: Pius Zoll
Sound mix: Dominique-Bastien Fabre
Equipment: RED camera / C-Side & Visuals
Stage photography: Alvaro Caballero Vera, Alba Knobel, Luis Pinoleo
Equipment & transport supervisors: Damien Molineaux & Laslo Szulyovszky
Set & stage boccia: Ottavio Pagliuca, boulodrome de la Queue d’Arve, Geneva
Thanks: the team of Kino kabaret Geneva and all day and night kinoïtes
With the support of: Undulatus Sound Design, C-Side Productions.

A Better Director

Short film by Julien Roby et Pius Zoll
Switzerland, 2014. 12’



Far from the academic fray, two professors play at their favorite sport. One simply announces his nomination to the position of director, that he perceives to be a rather bad dream of political victory.