Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Art, Tourcoing, France
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Earthling productions, Geneva, Switzerland
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HD Cam colour / 23 minutes
Directed by: Julien Roby
Music: Marc Milliand et Pius Zoll
With: Mathias Glayre, Pius Zoll, Emmanuel Deonna, Virginie Hoog, Madeleine Piguet, Milena Roby, Timeo Yapi, Lou Roby, Joëlle Cretin, Isabel Canalda, Guy Milliard
Cinematography: Damien Molineaux

Cam Assistants: Vania Aillon, François Engrand

Grip: Enrico Pizzolato

Costumes: Chloé Gindre

Pauline Yapi-Aubert

Sound: Jeremy Morelle, Thomas François,
Sound mix: Christian Cartier
Computer programming: Vincent Rioux.
Editing Script: Julien Roby
Postproduction assistants: Cyrille Lauwerier & Florent Le Duc
Art Supervisor: Daniel Danis
Coordination: Eric Prigent
Executive producer: Alexandra Dufaux
Production supervisor: Jacky Lautem
Head of sound department: Blandine Tourneux
Head of film department: Christian Chatel




A film by Julien Roby, France / Switzerland, 2007





«So let’s talk a little about music. A weekly event marks us when, early in the morning, we go into the brightly dainty room of the piano teacher with the aim of learning this and that. We are not surprised if, like white swans, the hands of the mistress slide on the keyboard that we would like to imagine as a dark lake in the middle of the room and from which emerges a light and joyful tune, in 3 4 time, in major…»


A family mansion is host to several stories and destinies, which intermix around the theme of the piano lesson, inspired by a story by Robert Walser and also interpreted in sign language by two of the characters.


The film is produced with an experimental approach as the composers proposed a musical soundtrack inspired by the story by Robert Walser and the editing of the filn was then generated by a script encoded and indexed to the musical recording. This process was made possible by the software Esonoclaste created and adapted by Vincent Rioux.