coulor / 16:9 / 5 min / VO English

Soraya Berent
 (voice); Nicolas Lambert
 (Guitar); Joël Musy
 (Saxophone); Francesco Bartoletti
 (Cello); Soraya Berent (Vocals); Alba Lucera (


Production: Zatar / C-Side Productions
Enrico Pizzolato
Cinematography: Blaise Villars
First Assistant: Varlaam Diakoff
Sound: Brian D’Epagnier
Light: Leandro Basso & Pius Zoll
Color grading: Léon Orlandi
Soundmix: Clément Gavillet

Zatar | The Shooting

A music video made by Enrico Pizzolato, Switzerland, 2016




«Zatar | The Shooting» is a track from the album «Terra Aria» (2016 – vdegallo) from the group Zatar. Enrico Pizzolato made this with the support of C-Side Productions, as well as the Salle de la Madeleine, in Geneva. A nice master shot by Blaise Villars and his crew, shot with a Sony FS5.