Manuel Schmalstieg

Manuel Schmalstieg (*1976, CH) is an artist, designer and educator, operating on the borderline between media art and hacker communities.
A graduate of HEAD Geneva and ASP Kraków, he founded multiple collaborative entities, including N3krozoft Ltd (2001), a technological think tank; realtime online performance group Aether9 (2007); post-digital publishing house Greyscale Press (2008); and many others.
His electronic media works include LOL (2004), a stage performance based on IRC chatlogs; BlackBox:GVA (2006), an augmented stage performance that foreshadowed current NSA wiretapping; LowRez Stories (2010), a remake of the 1972 sci-fi movie Solaris shot inside of Google Streetview.
As a web designer and CMS expert, he his busy building websites, contributing to the WordPress user interface, writing plugins, and kickstarting a local community in Switzerland around that free publishing platform.
He has directed workshops at Lift Conference, Mapping Festival, the Bucharest Biennale and several art and design schools, which mostly consisted in messing around with tactical media tools and open web standards.
Manuel has spoken at public events including RMLL 2012, LGM 2013, Books in Browsers 2013, and may be bribed into DJing at your after party.