New equipment at C-Side

Arri Alexa Classic
Sony FS5
série Zeiss Prime Standard Speed
Sonosax SX62R
Sound Devices 552

Fiction or documentary films, you’re covered.

An Arri Alexa Classic and a Sony FS5 have just completed our range of cameras available for rent. The quality is guaranteed whatever the conditions of your shooting will be.
 The famous Zeiss Prime Standard Speed series is back in our catalog. These lenses are compatible with the Arri Alexa, the FS5 and all our RED cameras. They have a great rendering and are among the DOP favored ones.

Lenses Adaptators for the FS5

We have various mountings for the FS5, to be able to use with PL lenses as well as Canon FD and EF with the recent version of the Metabones Mark IV adaptator, Leica L39M39.

It sounds good too.

You will also find in our catalog the Sonosax SX62R sound recorder – a benchmark for sound in filmmaking–, as well as our mixer-recorder Sound Devices 552 (5 preamplifiers, stereo recording). These sound recorders are available with or without microphones and accessories.

The whole rental catalog has been updated