Red Bomb EVF

Electronic view finder for Red cameras.
CHF 50.- /jour

Red +1 Module

Module for Epic or Scarlet allowing the use of a second RED viewing display (EVF or LCD).
CHF 30.- /day

TVlogic 7″ LVM-074W

Monitor with full screen overlay waveform and oscilloscope, has a  V-lock plate to work off batteries. CHF 70.- /day

SmallHD DP4

Digital monitor and viewfinder, hdmi.

(included in our Digital Bolex D16 package)


    We apply discounts:
    - One week rental = 3 day price
    - 4 week rental = 10 day price
    - Contact us for other duration

    Pick up and return dates have to be set in advance:
    tel: 022 800 38 93
    e-mail: location (at)

    For any rental, the following documents will be asked:
    - an identity card
    - an insurance attestation (in case the insurance we provide is not chosen)*
    - a first payment (30% of the total estimation)

    * insurance charges (6%)
    All our prices are mentionned in Swiss francs (CHF) and all rental charges incurred are subject to VAT (8%).
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