D16 image & sound…

Et pour nous faire patienter, une petite vidéo image & son, joli exemple pour nos futures Vostok sessions:

Caractéristiques / Specifications

Du site de Digital Bolex:

Behind the Music

The internal camera settings for the sound were 24 bit and 96K. The sound mastering was done in Audition at the same bit rates, then mixed down to 48K for final integration in Premiere. There was an EQ put on both microphones to try to isolate the voice and the ukulele.

We used two mics:

1. Neumann TLM 102 plugged into a Universal Audio Mic Pre, and then into the D16.
2. Audio Technica Short Shotgun plugged directly into the D16 using the in camera mic pre and phantom power.

If you’re curious about the look: we used one 16mm S16 Elite Prime lens at F2. The lights are a 2′ 4 bank Kino with tungsten bulbs on the right, a 4′ 4 bank Kino behind camera with  one globe lit for basic fill, and an UltraColor LED panel on the left. The UltraColor performed very well, I think it is actually a little more accurate than the Kinos!

Transcoding was done using LightPost by Pomfort, and we threw on a S16 film grain from Film Convert for a little flair.

If you would like to download an unmixed recording:

Toby Bryan, Sunset Exit, Take 1 Raw Audio

And if you would like to download some of the raw files:

Toby Bryan, Sunset Exit, Take 1 Raw DNGs

Special thanks to Nik Galanski for helping out with the Toby shoot.

Thanks for all your support, Elle, Joe and the Digital Bolex Team.

06.12.2013 | Damien