Earthling Productions
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HD / Color / 7’50
V.O.: French / Englsih
Available subtitles: English / French


Direction, photography, production: Damien Molineaux
co-roduction: ITC (International Trade Center)
Scenario: Ky Phong Nguyen
Editing: Sandrane Ducimetière
Sound: Charles Menger & Carlos Ibanez
Sound mix: Charles Menger
Voice overs: Marie Gaudin Delacrétaz

The development strategy of Cameroon’s coffee industry

A film by Damien Molineaux / Earthling Productions
2012 / Switzerland / 7’50



Following the liberalisation of the market in 1989, Cameroon has seen its coffee exports tumble. In 2008, the European Union developed a partnership involving various organisations, in which the ITC (International Trade Centre) plays a major part by establishing a development strategy to boost the coffee industry. It creates a common agenda for the private sector, the industry’s different agencies and relevant ministries, giving rise to a coordinated project driven by the citizens of Cameroon.